Sars COV BF.7

The Sars COV BF.7 is very contagious but not dangerous.

Sars COV BF.7
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List of COVID 19 Variants Worldwide

As COVID-19 spread across India as well as across the world, we have seen different forms of it. Every year a new variant has been discovered by the medical team and the severity of its infection is also much higher than before. Below we have provided the COVID-19 version list which is installed.

According to the WHO, the virus is not dangerous for human beings until it enters the human being. Once the virus enters the human body, it acts very rapidly and the immune system of the human is reduced. So you need to study deeply for the current version and be safe from infection. You can now check out all the different variants of COVID-19 that the team has discovered since it started. Panbio Nasal rapid test are used to detect all variants.

  • Delta – Delta variant is also known as B.1.617.2 variant. It was first discovered in October 2020. It was highly contagious but is no longer affecting people.
  • Beta– This was the first mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which was discovered in May 2020 and spread in huge numbers and caused many deaths.
  • Alpha– The alpha variant was discovered in September 2020. It was more infectious than the beta variant. It is no longer available as the virus has mutated into new forms.
  • Gamma– The Gamma variant was discovered in November 2020 and was more infectious than all other variants and more lethal. It has now mutated and is no longer in vogue.
  • Omicron– The Omicron variant is the latest mutation of the COVID-19 virus. It is very contagious but it is not extremely fatal. The Omicron variant is mutating on its own and giving rise to the sub-variant instead. The latest sub-variant is BF.7 which is currently active in China.
Panbio Nasal
Panbio Nasal

COVID BF.7 Variant Symptoms

BF.7 has been discovered in China in early November 2022 and is currently spreading very fast in the country. There the situation of COVID BF.7 infection has been very high and China is now struggling to improve the situation. The infection rate of COVID BF.7 is very high and it can be seen that a person infected with COVID BF.7 can infect more than 18 people at a time. Lakhs of people have died there in a single day and the death toll is increasing day by day. If the Chinese government does not stop the death ratio, it will be dangerous for other countries.

As per COVID BF.7 Variant Symptoms, it is Omicron Sub Variant. Some of the symptoms are relatively out of the Omicron virus that we are familiar with. Talking about the symptoms of the new variant, we observed that a person infected with the BF.7 variant would have to face symptoms like fever, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, vomiting, and diarrhea. The virus attacks the immune system of the human body and lowers the immunity of the human which is harmful to them. As we mentioned here above, if you get any one of these symptoms then you need medical help and report COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Abbott Covid Test
Abbott Covid Test

Omicron Sub Variant BF.7 Precaution

  • Social distancing is an important precaution against the spread of the virus. That’s why you should maintain proper physical distance in the crowd.
  • One should wear a three-layer mask while going to the market. In crowded areas, one mask can prevent infection from another.
  • Get a proper COVID-19 vaccine with a booster dose which will protect you from BF.7 variant infection. If you have not yet received the booster dose, take it immediately from the nearest vaccination center.
  • You should avoid going to crowded areas. Because it will be risky and you will easily get infected with the new variant from someone who is already infected with the new variant.
  • The COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Government of India for Omicron Sub Variant BF.7 have to be followed.
  • Always keep your hands clean and keep sanitizer whenever you are going out of the house.

Abbott Panbio
Abbott Panbio

COVID BF.7 Omicron Sub Variant FAQs

How COVID BF.7 is dangerous for Human beings?

Now in China COVID BF.7 is spreading rapidly and it will also be entered India. So you should follow all the precautions to keep away from the infection of this variant.

Has COVID BF.7 Variant arrived in India?

As of now, in India, 2 cases have been discovered the Gujarat and Odisha State. The situation is under control this time, but you should follow the guideline to save yourself from the infection.

What are the Omicron Sub Variant BF.7 Symptoms?

There are now new symptoms available for the BF.7 Variant and all the symptoms are common like Fever, Sore Throat, Vomiting, etc.

Is the COVID BF.7 Variant Dangerous?

According to the latest report released by the Medical Department, the told that BF.7 Variant is not as deadly as the previous variant. But we should keep all the precautions and will have to follow the guideline.

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